Travel Tips for Flying Out of Newark Airport

Are you planning a trip and flying out of Newark Airport? Here are some important tips to help make your journey as smooth as possible.

Planning Your Trip

Check Flight Status

Before leaving for the airport, make sure to check the status of your flight to ensure it is on schedule. You can do this by visiting the airline’s website or using a flight tracking app. This will help prevent any unnecessary stress if your flight is delayed or canceled.

Pack Smart

Be sure to pack smart and only bring what you need for the trip. This will make it easier to navigate through the airport and reduce the risk of lost or misplaced items. It’s also important to check the TSA’s website for a list of prohibited items to ensure your luggage doesn’t get held up at security.

Arrive Early

It’s always best to arrive at the airport early, especially if you’re flying out of Newark. This will give you plenty of time to check in, clear security, and make it to your gate with plenty of time to spare. It’s recommended to arrive at least two hours before your scheduled departure for domestic flights and three hours for international flights.

Navigating the Airport

Find Your Terminal

Newark Airport has three terminals (A, B, and C) and it’s important to know which terminal your flight departs from. You can check your flight’s terminal on your boarding pass or by visiting the airport’s website. Once you know your terminal, you can use the airport’s free monorail or shuttle bus service to get to your departure gate.

Clear Security

Clearing security can often be the most time-consuming part of the airport experience. To make this process as smooth as possible, make sure to have your ID and boarding pass ready, and keep all liquids and electronics in a clear plastic bag. Also, it’s a good idea to wear slip-on shoes as they’re easier to take off and put back on during security checks.

Find Your Gate

Once you’ve cleared security, it’s time to make your way to your gate. Newark Airport has a variety of dining and shopping options available, so take advantage of some pre-flight entertainment before your flight. The airport also has a variety of charging stations and Wi-Fi available, so you can charge your devices and stay connected.

Departure and Arrival

Boarding Your Flight

Make sure you have all your essentials with you before boarding your flight, such as your ID, boarding pass, and any important documents. Listen to the flight attendant’s instructions and have your seat belt fastened before taking off.

Arriving at Your Destination

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, collect your luggage and proceed through customs if you’re flying internationally. From there, you can either take a taxi, rental car, or public transportation to your final destination.

Please note that these tips are general and you should always check the airport website for the most up-to-date information.