3 Must Have Gadgets for Easier Travel

Luggage Free

If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, you know all too well how important it is to take advantage of anything that makes traveling easier. That is exactly what these gadgets are designed to do. Use these must have travel gadgets on your next trip and you will wonder how you ever survived without them.

Smart Luggage

If lost or stolen luggage is a top concern for you (3.24 bags bags per every 1,000 passengers are lost or stolen), smart luggage is the way to go. The are two basic ways to make your luggage smarter, and therefore easier to track should it be misplaced or stolen.

Smart luggage tags are typically equipped with microchips that can be scanned by airport personnel. These tags contain a lot more than just your name and address. They also contain your travel itinerary, ensuring that no matter where you go, your luggage will find its way to you.

Most smart luggage tags are also accessible via a smart phone app so that you can track your luggage in real time.

Some smart luggage have RFID, GPS, or Bluetooth technology built right into the luggage. These smart suitcases can be tracked virtually anywhere in the world using their accompanying apps.

Suitcases with Built-in USB

If charging your devices has left you chained to the wall at the airport,  it is time to free yourself. Today’s technology equipped luggage has USB charging ports built into the suitcase.

Simply use your luggage as carryon and charge your devices while waiting to board your flight or catch a taxi to your hotel. Charging your devices has never been simpler.

Luggage That Weighs Itself 

Weighing your luggage is never a fun task. Using a scale at home, taking it to the post office, or weighing it at the airport are all a huge hassle. Enter the easiest luggage ever- luggage that weighs itself. Yes, luggage, with special handles (the ones you use to pull your suitcase behind you), can now weigh itself.

No more wrestling with scales, or hurting your back lifting heavy suitcases onto scales. Now you can simply pack your bag and watch as it weighs itself. What could be easier?