3 Tips for Less Stressful Flying


Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, can be stressful. Arranging travel plans, clearing airport security, and making your flight on time are just a few of the stressors you can face while traveling. Use these tips to enjoy a more stress-free traveling experience.

Always Get to the Airport Early

You have probably heard this one before, get to the airport early, but this tip is still one of the most useful. There is nothing worse than missing your flight because you failed to clear all of the security checkpoints in time.

On an ideal day, you could probably clear airport security in half an hour. However, keep in mind that airports can and will become backed up. TSA security lines are notorious for being slow and causing backups. This can result in you having to wait in line for at least two hours, if not longer.

Because you should arrive and be checked in at least 30 minutes before your flight, you need to arrive at the airport at least two hours early. So, give yourself 2 hours and 30 minutes, that way you will clear security in time and still be checked in for your flight at the proper time.

Only Pack Carry On

Trying to locate your luggage at baggage claim is not fun. Neither is arriving at baggage claim only to find out that your luggage has been lost. You can easily avoid this problem by simply packing only a carry on bag.

Pack only what you need and only bring items that would be cost prohibitive to buy. For example, do not pack toiletries if you can buy them cheaply once you have arrived or get them free at your hotel.

Keep Jet Lag at Bay

Suffering from jet lag can be stressful, especially if you need to hit the ground running once your flight lands. Avoiding jet lag, or reducing its effects, is easy to do. Make sure you avoid caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol may relax you and caffeine might keep you awake, but the effects of both are intensified while flying and will only make jet lag worse.

Make sure you take a brisk walk after you land, too. Fresh air and exercise are an excellent way to keep jet lag from ruining your trip.