Fun Facts About Newark Airport That You Probably Didn’t Know

Newark Airport is one of New Jersey’s oldest and busiest airports. As such, it has a lot of history, which is worth hearing about, although some of it can be quite obscure. So, while waiting for your next flight, why not learn something about one of New York’s best and biggest airports? Today, we have put together a list of fun facts about Newark Airport that you probably didn’t know, and we hope you find them interesting and entertaining.

Previously the busiest New York airport

Newark Airport used to be New York’s busiest airport, and it used to be the only airport that served the New York metro area worldwide. The airport was Since 1928, all the way up until 1939, it was the single largest and busiest airport in New York. This changed when, in 1939, the La Guardia Airport was opened in Queens. Purely because of convenience, La Guardia took the top spot; however, Newark has remained in the top spots when it comes to quality even with this competition. So, if you intend to visit New York, you should know that Newark is still one of the best options. However, if you plan on flying somewhere through Newark Airport, you should consider the biggest benefits of long-term airport parking. Not only because of the convenience but because knowing that your car is safe while traveling is important.

Stores, restaurants, and kiosks

If your flight is ever delayed, or if you’re just early to the terminal, you will have the chance to explore the 65 stores within Newark Airport. These include all sorts of stores, restaurants, and kiosks where you can spend time and relax while you wait. It’s a great way to kill some time, and some people come to the airport early on purpose for it. These stores are one of the reasons why Newark Airport is still so popular. There are plenty of things to do in NYC in summer, so if you plan on visiting NYC, remember to plan ahead for some time to stay at the airport, too, as what it offers is worth the visit. Of course, you should still plan most of your time for the actual NYC visit, but the airport is worth staying in for a while.

A variety of airlines

An interesting one among fun facts about Newark Airport that is easily overlooked is the sheer number of airlines that go through it. While the big ones like United Airlines are always talked about, 30 different airlines go through Newark Airport. This makes it one of the most accessible airports in the world when it comes to traveling internationally. Also, it gives you quite a few options for traveling out of the US. You can easily get to Newark Airport from pretty much anywhere in the world. This is one of the reasons why the airport has stayed as one of the top options for traveling to NYC, even with La Guardia stealing the limelight. Still, if you plan to fly anywhere, you should know about the 5 awful plane passengers you will run into.

Newark during World War II

During the Second World War, many businesses around New York were shut down to be used as military bases. Newark Airport was one of these businesses, including large factories and other office buildings. While every building had its uses, Newark Airport was used as a base for logistics operations. Service was returned to the airport in 1946. Two years later, in 1948, the city leased the airport to the Port of New York Authority (now known as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey).

Part of the largest airport system in the US

Newark Airport, La Guardia Airport, and John F. Kennedy Airport combined make up the largest airport system in the US. Needless to say, this is one of the reasons why New York and New Jersey see quite a few tourists. The three airports give easy access to the states for anyone around the world. This is also a large part of worldwide logistics and what makes NYC so easy to move into. These airports are, for this reason, some of the most important airports in the US, without question. Experts from note that clients go through either Newark Airport or La Guardia Airport whenever they visit from out of country. These airports have been a huge part of New York and New Jersey since they were built.

It used to be part of the longest non-stop airline route

Singapore Airlines used to hold the title for having the longest non-stop airline route, which went from Singapore to Newark. However, Singapore Airlines no longer fly to Newark since they changed their route to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport.

One of the largest hubs for United Airlines

One of the best fun facts about Newark Airport is that it’s one of the largest airport hubs for united airlines. Newark Airport easily rivals Chicago O’Hare and Houston International for this position. However, Newark Airport is also the third-largest airport in the US. Still, United Airlines remains the biggest tenant of Newark Airport, and it’s equally as important for the airport. To further back up this fun fact, back in 2014, 68% of Newark Airport plane passengers traveled on United Airlines planes. However, if you plan on flying today and it’s your first time, you should know some tips for flying alone for the first time. Traveling on a plane can be terrifying if you’re not used to it, so you should do your best to prepare beforehand.

Fun facts about Newark Airport that you probably didn’t know – wrap up

Newark Airport is one of the oldest airports in New Jersey and still holds up to this day. Although it has recently had the title of the busiest airport taken by La Guardia Airport, it’s still just as important. The accessibility it offers to both New York and New Jersey makes Newark Airport one of the most important airports in the US. We hope this list of fun facts about Newark Airport that you probably didn’t know was interesting, and we wish you a great rest of your day.