5 Awful Plane Passengers (and How to Deal With Them)

The art of flight has revolutionized travel. Trips that once took months now take little more than a few hours.

Gone are the days of dysentery filled quest on the Oregon Trail. Our greatest trials are forgetting our neck pillow or running out of peanuts on a cross country flight.

But with so much accessibility, there’s bound to be a few rotten eggs in the air.

We’ve all been there. You do everything you can to make your flight less stressful. That all goes out the window when a pesky passenger sits right next to you.

It’s inevitable. When traveling, you’re bound to encounter the most annoying plane passengers on Earth.

These are the 5 most common examples of passengers who definitely know how to ruin a flight and tips on how to deal with them. Read on to learn more.

1. The Shoeless Wonder

Basic social cues tell us that we probably shouldn’t take our shoes off in public places. That’s especially true when our feet smell like the inside of a locker room.

For some reason, however, this social norm is ignored by these annoying plane passengers. They’re more than happy to subject their fellow passengers to their horrific foot aroma for the entirety of the flight.

That’s not even mentioning shoeless passengers who put their feet on the arm rest in the row in front of them.

There are several methods to dealing with these passengers. You can politely ask them to put their shoes on, but this strategy has varied success. Your best bet is to ask for a seat change by pleading with the flight attendant.

2. The Seat Hog

There’s no denying that planes can get cramped.

Personal space is a hot commodity on any plane. We only get anywhere between 28 and 34 inches of legroom on major airlines.

Limited space is what makes the seat hog one of the most annoying types of plane passengers. They exhibit true sociopathic behavior. What kind of monster reclines their seat all the way back?

The full recline is an act that says “I don’t care about your comfort.” It can also start an unforeseen domino effect – with reluctant passengers reclining their seats one after another.

The seat hog comes in many shapes and sizes. They might use your body as a headrest during the mid-flight nap. They could plant their elbows firmly into the armrest for hours on end.

Sure, you can deal with the discomfort for a couple of hours. But this America. You have your right to personal space.

Instead of reclining your seat and upsetting your fellow passengers, simply ask for a seat change. It’s the best way to avoid confrontation and get the comfort you so desperately need.

3. The Lush

Alcohol and planes don’t mix.

There are a number of reasons why you probably shouldn’t drink on an airplane. For one, the altitude means there’s less oxygen to go around. That means it’s pretty easy to get tipsy in the air.

The lush is completely oblivious to this fact. Sure, one drink on an airplane isn’t going to kill you. But three of four drinks is enough to send even the best plane passengers into an annoying drunken rant.

The lush is characterized by loud, drunken rambling. They can be easily heard several rows away. They might even turn a few heads with some inappropriate remarks.

No sober person likes to listen to drunk rambling. Especially if you’re on a lengthy flight.

There are a few tried and true strategies for dealing with the lush. Pretending to be asleep is the most effective. It can keep the lush quiet until they eventually fall asleep for real.

4. The Loudmouth

The loudmouth is a close cousin of the lush. What’s their similarity? They don’t know when to stop talking.

There’s nothing wrong with some small talk on a flight. In fact, it’s a great way to pass the time.

However, there’s a big difference between someone who chit chats and someone who talks your ear off. The loudmouth falls into the latter category.

These are the plane passengers that never stop talking. They’re more than willing to give you their life story – whether you asked them to or not.

Try your best to not engage them in conversation. Avoid eye contact at all costs, and even feign interest in a Sudoku puzzle or in-flight magazine.

You can also avoid the loudmouth by putting on your headphones. Always be prepared with a preloaded playlist or downloaded television show. We have amazing technology at our disposal so don’t be afraid to use it.

5. The Oblivious Parent

Perhaps no plane passengers are as divisive as children.

We’ve all been stuck on a flight with crying babies and out of control kids. Still, it’s hard to blame children when they don’t know any better.

Rather than taking out your frustrations on a helpless child, you should point the blame squarely at the parents.

We’re not talking about parents of well-behaved kids. We’re talking about parents that let their kids run up and down the aisle, kick the seat in front of them, or scream at the top of their lungs.

Parents are tricky to deal with as they can get quite defensive. Instead of confronting them, put in some noise-canceling headphones for a stress-free flight with children.

If you’re really desperate, try talking to the flight attendant. They’re trained to deal with children and can help manage the situation. The rest of the passengers just might thank you for it.

Annoying Plane Passengers

Travel has never been easier. That means you’re going to run into a number of annoying passengers on your flights. The most important thing to do is go into a flight prepared.

Don’t be afraid to change seats, talk to a flight attendant, or tune out passengers. It’s your flight too. Make the most of it by preparing for any type of passenger.

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