7 Simple Airport Security Check Tips

Traveling can be a stressful experience, especially if you’re in a rush. What’s more? 1 in 3 Americans suffers from either fear or anxiety about flying.

Maybe it was stressful getting things taken care of before leaving for the airport. Maybe you are running late because of a previous meeting. Maybe you just don’t enjoy flying in general.

Regardless of your reason, most travelers could use some pre-flight serenity to make their travel experience less frantic. Especially if you are flying out of a major hub or busy airport.

One of the more anxiety ridden aspects of getting on a flight is making it through security. The long lines of people shoving things into bins and removing their shoes in a speed test manner can create a tiresome check in process.

But have no fear, the ultimate guide to getting through a security check is here:

1. Check In Online

Smart phones have helped mankind in many ways, and a preflight check-in is no exception. Use the technology at hand to make your check-in process a breeze. Especially if you aren’t flying with a bag.

Every airline has an app for smart phones. Download the app of whatever airline you are flying with, and create an account. This will eliminate the need for checking in at the desk and can help you avoid waiting in long lines.

If you’re checking a bag it’s still helpful. You can arrive at the desk having already checked in. The attendant will scan your barcode, take your bag and you’ll be on your way to the nearest airline lounge.

Another benefit of checking in online is the ability to see your seat and potentially change it. Want an upgrade from an airline you fly frequently on? Use the app to get in line for various in-flight upgrades. The fun part: watching your name rise on the upgrade list through the app.

2. Keep Your ID Handy

There’s nothing worse than shuffling through a cluttered carry on to find the appropriate document to get through security. Having your passport or drivers license handy can make all of the difference.

If you have a back pack or purse, keep your documents in a special pocket that is easily accessible. This will speed up the entire security check for both you and the people waiting behind you.

Furthermore, have your passport in a protective cover. It’ll help it last longer and keep it from getting torn in your travel bags.

3. Parking, Parking, Parking

Parking your car at an airport can be costly, especially if you are going to be gone for more than a few days. Airports offer parking, but at high rates. By finding a spot that is convenient but also cost-effective, your pre-travel stress levels will be at an all time low as you start the security check process.

By allowing yourself some extra time to park somewhere a little further but with better rates, you’ll save yourself some bucks. There are fantastic airport parking lots and garages that even offer shuttle service to and from the airport for an easy, seamless ride into your terminal.

Use promo codes for parking too. This way you’ll be able to leave your car for longer periods of time without racking up a bill.

4. Weigh Your Bag

We’ve all seen those people whose bags are overweight. To avoid being the person who has to frantically stuff jeans or shoes into their carry on, weigh your bag before you go to the airport.

This will help you avoid any trouble when checking your bag. It will also keep your carry on lightweight and easy to stow once on the plane. After all, you don’t want to be the stow space hog either.

Baggage can be a huge hindrance when traveling. Making sure your bag is at a checkable weight and your carry on is easy for you to tote will create a less stressful check-in experience.

5. Get to the Gate

Even if you think you’ve got enough time to play around a bit, get to your gate first to confirm your boarding time. It’s also possible the gate has changed.

The horror stories of travelers who have missed their flight because they simply weren’t paying attention to the boarding times or gate calls are many. Even if you’re in the general vicinity, make sure you can hear exactly what is going on with your flight.

6. Be Unpack Savvy at the Security Check

Most travelers know the TSA guidelines and rules: all liquids and gels must be 3 oz. or smaller, laptops and iPads must be placed in a bin, etc.

Having your liquids in a bag that you can easily access will make getting through a security check easier. Have your laptop accessible, and unpack quickly and efficiently.

Having your liquids in a bag can also help you avoid any big messes if your liquids decide to have an in-flight pressure burst.

7. TSA All Day

TSA’s PreCheck is widely used across America and is available at hundreds of airports. Becoming a member means you are prescreened and you’ll race past security lines without having to do all of the things you detest in a security check.

Not only will you get to keep your shoes on, your computer can stay put. You’ll be directed to a separate security line that is always shorter which will get you to your gate in record time.

It may seem like a little bit of a hassle, and costs around $80, but this step is completely worth it. Becoming a TSA member will change your travel experiences for life.

Fly Carefree

By taking some time in advance to check in, weigh your bags, and strategically place your documents and liquids, you’re sure to have an infinitely better time going through a preflight security check.

They may sound like simple things. But add them on top of other stressful aspects of the hours leading up to your flight, and you’ll be glad you did them.

Finding parking that is close enough but also affordable will also let you relax on your flight, and may even give you some extra bucks for some in-flight wine.

Contact us today for the best parking experience you’ve ever had.