7 Tips for Low-Stress Travel From Newark Airport

We all put up with the stress of security checks and parking at Newark Airport to enjoy the payoff of a great vacation.

But, by following these seven tips, you’ll guarantee yourself a far less stressful travel experience next time you fly.

1. Book the Right Flight for You

Many of us focus on the price when we book a flight, but it’s important to consider if the flight is right for you.

Direct flights are usually more expensive, but if waiting around stresses you out, being stuck at a stopover airport for hours might not be worth the few bucks you saved.

And a 9AM flight from Newark Airport might sound okay when you’re searching for the best deals. But when you consider traffic and getting to the airport two to three hours before your flight, a 4 am alarm isn’t a great idea if you struggle to wake up in the morning.

Find a flight that offers you the best compromise between price and convenience and your travel experience will be a whole lot less stressful.

2. Pack Light

Packing light may be a skill you haven’t quite mastered, but once you get the hang of fitting all your essentials into your carry-on you’ll never look back.

Bringing checked luggage to Newark Airport with you means more to carry, longer waiting times when you check-in and having to wait behind for your luggage when you arrive at your destination.

Not to mention, if the airline loses your suitcase then you’ll only be left with whatever you have in your carry-on for at least a couple of days.

You’re unlikely to need full-size toiletries for a short trip. Stock up on travel-size plastic bottles (under 3.4 oz. or 100ml) and fill them with liquids like shampoo and moisturizer before you go. This way you won’t face having your liquids rejected at the scanners and having to buy replacements at your destination.

Start making a list of things you need to pack about a week before you leave and add to it when something comes to mind. This will avoid you throwing everything into your case in a mad panic the night before your flight.

When it comes to clothes, the easiest way to keep it light is to stick to a limited color palette of around three or four neutral colors. That way you can easily mix and match tops and bottoms to create the illusion of having a more varied selection.

Lastly, pack for the type of trip you’re actually going on, not the trip you’d like to have. If the weather forecast says rain, leave your sandals at home no matter how much you want to wear them.

3. Check in Online

If you’ve successfully packed light then there’s no need to line up to check in any luggage. But, you can avoid the line entirely and skip straight to security if you also check in online.

Even if you don’t have a printer or a smartphone, you can check in online at home and print your boarding passes at the kiosk when you arrive at Newark Airport.

And, if the flight is oversold, you’re much less likely to be ‘bumped’ if you’ve already checked in.

4. Aim to Arrive Early

Depending on how close you live to Newark Airport, you should plan to leave in plenty of time to arrive around three hours before your flight, no matter where you’re flying to.

Leaving with plenty of time to spare means you’ll be less stressed and better able to deal with any unexpected problems that may arise.

Another tip is to check the local travel reports before you leave home to make sure you avoid any traffic jams or accidents en route to the airport. And whoever isn’t driving can check for live updates once you’re on the road.

5. Get the Best Parking Spot at Newark Airport

Even if you’ve packed light and made it to the airport in plenty of time, parking nightmares can result in serious delays and really amp up stress levels.

Avoid ending up miles from the airport entrance by parking your car in the closest parking lot to the Newark Airport entrance.

And with a fast, free and convenient shuttle to take you right to the airport, you won’t need to search for a bus to take you to the entrance.

6. Keep All Documents at Hand

Ever had that sinking feeling when you’re at the airport and can’t remember which pocket/bag/zipper you put your passport or boarding pass in?

Before you head out to Newark Airport, put all your travel documents in one small bag to keep with you at all times. Train yourself to always return your documents to this same bag, even if a jacket pocket seems more convenient at the time.

Then, whatever document you need to show next, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

7. Be Prepared

Even if you regularly fly out from Newark Airport, regulations for passing through security can change. It’s a good idea to make sure you and your luggage are prepared before you line up.

Put any liquids you have in your hand luggage in a clear plastic bag which can easily be removed from your carry-on when it needs to be scanned.

If you have your regular purse with you, check for any liquids or prohibited items that you might have left in there and forgotten about, such as scissors or an emergency deodorant. Having to wait while a guard searches through your personal items will definitely not help your stress levels.

Remove electrical items like laptops or tablets from your bag and place them on a tray ready to be scanned.

Lastly, make sure you’re airport-ready when you get dressed in the morning. Wear shoes that can be removed easily as you’ll have to take them off before you pass through the scanners. Avoid wearing a belt if possible, keep metal jewelry to a minimum, and take any spare change from your pockets.

We hope this list has got you feeling more prepared for your next trip. And remember, if you’re flying out from Newark Airport, make a reservation with us today for the easiest way to travel stress-free!