Tips for Staying Safe While in Mexico


Traveling to Mexico for vacation this year? That is exciting, but traveling in Mexico can also be dangerous. In fact, some parts of Mexico are so plagued by corruption, crime, and kidnappings, that the U.S. State Department has issued travel warnings for certain areas. Therefore, it is essential that you know how to stay safe while traveling in this country. Follow these tips for a safer vacation in Mexico.

Leave Your Jewelry at Home

Walking around a foreign country flashing high-end jewelry is not a good idea. Doing this makes you an attractive target for pickpockets, armed robbers, and thieves. Leave your expensive rings, watches, earrings, and necklaces at home.

You do not need to accessorize with these items, and if you do, you will only succeed in making yourself an attractive target for robbery. Because it is difficult for thieves to tell whether your jewelry is real, you should also avoid wearing realistic fake jewelry, too.

Beware of Street Taxis

Hailing a taxi in Mexico might seem as easy as hailing one in the U.S. Unlike the U.S., however, there are many unregulated and illegal cabs in Mexico. While some of these are just people trying to make some money, quite a few of the illegal taxis harbor criminals who will target unsuspecting travelers.

Because it can be difficult to tell the difference between a proper taxi and an illegal one, you should never hail a taxi in the street. Always have the hotel, restaurant, or store you are visiting call one for you.

Use Caution at ATMs

ATMs are not hard to find in Mexico. Many small shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs have them. You can also find them in shopping malls. However, unless you want to be robbed or have your card number skimmed, you will need to exercise an abundance of caution when using an ATM.

First, only use an ATM during the day, in a populated area. Malls and shops are a safer choice. Be sure the ATM you use is in full view of the public. An ATM located around the corner is not a good choice. Secondly, do not use drive-thru ATMs. These can be dangerous and the risk of card skimming is high.