Love History? Visit These Unique U.S. Museums


If you are a lover of history, it is worth noting that you need not leave the U.S. to find some really fascinating and amazing museums. These are not your run of the mill museums. In fact, the following museums are unique, and chances are you did not even know they existed. Best of all, these museums are just a short plane ride away.

The Mutter Museum

While this museum is not the only medical oddities museum, there is also the Warren Museum in Boston; it does house some interesting items that cannot be found in other places. Founded by Doctor Thomas Mutter, this museum has been displaying medical oddities since 1863.

Some of the more interesting attractions here include:

  • Einstein’s brain
  • A piece of John Wilkes Booth’s spine
  • The Soap Lady
  • Tallest skeleton on display in North America

The Mutter Museum, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is truly a fascinating experience you should not miss.

The Sixth Floor Museum

Located in Dallas, Texas, the Sixth Floor Museum is located inside of the Texas School Book Depository. Yes, that is correct, the very same building from which JFK was assassinated. Although tours in this museum begin with JFK’s rise to power, it quickly moves to the day of his death.

A recreated section of the Depository allows you to see the very spot where Oswald stood when he fired the fatal shots that killed the President. Centered around the assassination, there are even some interesting displays about the many conspiracy theories that continue to swirl around JFK’s death.

Poe Baltimore and Poe Museum in Richmond

If you love the works of Edgar Allan Poe, are a fan of the macabre, or simply love history, these museums have it all. The Poe Baltimore Museum, located in Baltimore, Maryland, transports you back to Poe’s life here. In fact, the house, turned museum, is the very same one in which Poe lived along with several family members.

Although the home is not furnished, most of the original exterior and fabrics from his time have been preserved.

The Poe Museum, located in Richmond, Virginia, houses all things Poe. Here you will find Poe’s Enchanted Garden, based on his work titled, “To One in Paradise.” Poe had deep roots in Virginia, and this museum is considered to be the most comprehensive Poe museum in the world.

Artifacts from Poe’s life that can be found here include:

  • Childhood bed
  • Clothing
  • Letters
  • Poems
  • Poe’s autobiography
  • Walking stick
  • Trunk
  • Lock of Poe’s hair

These are just a few of the artifacts that can be found here. With so many items from Poe’s life, this is a museum not to be missed.